Welcome to my home on the web. My name is EXALTEDFUZZ, and I'm an 18 year old art student living in the UK. This blog will hopefully serve as an archive of my work, where I will be sharing new art I create, as well as reuploading older pieces. I hope you enjoy exploring what I create as much as I've enjoyed developing it.

I'm creating this blog as a way to expand. I've been sitting at 3k followers on Instagram for a year now, and I figure a blog might be a more fun way for me to share my art with people on my own terms, rather than in a series of square crops. I will, of course, continue to also update Instagram.

I'm a multimedia artist, with an extensive back catalogue of digital work, but recently my work has expanded into primarily oil painting. I've been drawing almost constantly since I had the motor control to hold a pen, and I never really "began" taking art seriously. I've been making up characters and drawing them forever, and everything has always felt like a natural progression from one stage to the next. I've been influenced by the games I play, books and comics I read, films I see and just about anything else I can get my hands on. I've always found it important to do studies, but a major turning point in my art journey came in 2020, with the lockdowns. In 2020 Spring, I began properly drawing digitally, and I was constantly looking for influences, for references - it became my mission to improve and improve. I began posting on Newgrounds at this time.

Eventually I just created so much work that I burnt myself out until the release of Toby Fox's Deltarune Ch.2. Odds are, the majority of people reading this will have followed me - and therefore found this blog - from my Deltarune fanart. This period of art marked a huge amount of improvement as well, and I'm still so proud of so much of the work I made based on the game, but you can't limit yourself to one thing forever. Since I stopped drawing Deltarune-based work, I've been focused on more classical painting as part of my art A-level. Taking the principles I applied to digital work has made me a better traditional artist, and I really appreciate the opportunities I've had to craft such a multifaceted art practice. I find it important to incorporate real learning into your own stylisation and pursuit of an aesthetic. This is the issue I have with a lot of people who want to draw manga or cartoons, but go on about hating art classes, or hating part of their process. I suppose I've had a different digital art journey in so far as I've never been interested in art YouTubers.

My artistic influences come from all directions and styles, from the Old Masters to Flash cartoons, but the main thing that got me into properly developing a style was anime and manga. The "Hyrule Historia" has been one of my favourite books to look through for inspiration for what's probably approaching a decade at this point. When I was in primary school I always just wanted to draw like the Zelda manga series and Fairy Tail, but my focus has been constantly shifting in what I strive for since it became more important for me to research into artists who insprire me. If I began listing artists, I'd doubtless miss one out and feel stupid later, but I'll try to make a masterlist of artists who inspire me at some point, as well as places their art can be found. I like being able to share any resources I can find.

I'm hoping to include a lot on my art process on this blog, both as a way to practice writing about my work, as well as a sort of resource. I'm proud of my art, and I'd like to be able to share the methods I use to create it. I love talking about how and why I do things in my art, so I'm happy to answer comments or messages about anything really.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully there'll be a bit more to see in the future... :)