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Welcome to my home on the web. My name is EXALTEDFUZZ, and I'm an 18 year old art student living in the UK. This blog will hopefully serve as an archive of my work, where I will be sharing new art I create, as well as reuploading older pieces. I hope you enjoy exploring what I create as much as I've enjoyed developing it. I'm creating this blog as a way to expand. I've been sitting at 3k followers on Instagram for a year now, and I figure a blog might be a more fun way for me to share my art with people on my own terms, rather than in a series of square crops. I will, of course, continue to also update Instagram. I'm a multimedia artist, with an extensive back catalogue of digital work, but recently my work has expanded into primarily oil painting. I've been drawing almost constantly since I had the motor control to hold a pen, and I never really "began" taking art seriously. I've been making up characters and drawing them forever, and everything h

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